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SAMSUNG MV900 รับประกันศูนย์ 1ปี   * (สินค้าหมด)
SAMSUNG MV900 รับประกันศูนย์ 1ปีSAMSUNG MV900 รับประกันศูนย์ 1ปี
SAMSUNG MV900 รับประกันศูนย์ 1ปี
รหัส : C-23467
ยี่ห้อ : SAMSUNG
รุ่น : SAMSUNG MV900 รับประกันศูนย์ 1ปี
ราคาปกติ :  4,990.00 บาท      

รายละเอียดทั้งหมด :



Take Perfectly Framed Self Portraits

Introducing the latest addition to our line of Smart cameras, the MV900F lets you take and view great pictures from multiple angles. Plus, share and upload perfectly framed self-portraits with built-in Wi-Fi to social networking sites.


The 3.3" Flip-Out Display lets you take and view great pictures from multiple angles. Easily adjust the LCD from 0 to 180 degrees and

make any shot possible. Snap a picture over a crowd or get waist-level candids of kids and pets, or spin the display for perfectly framed

self-portraits. Choose from 3 shutter options to comfortably snap pics from any position.


Instantly send quality photos to social networks like Facebook or email them to a small group of people—directly from the camera.

Access your uploaded content on supported connected devices with Samsung's TV Link and MobileLink. Plus, you can store cool

images and video directly from the camera to Microsoft Skydrive.


Set up shots and browse photos in stunning clarity on 3.3" WVGA AMOLED TouchScreen. Plus, the display offers an intuitive navigation

experience that makes using features like Motion Photo a touch more fun.


Capture your favorite moments wherever you travel with the MV900F. Built with a 16.3-megapixel BSI (Back Side Illuminated)

CMOS sensor, the MV900F requires less light for proper exposure than conventional CMOS or CCD sensors.


Capture great close-ups with a 5x optical zoom and see all the action on stage from a 25mm wide-angle lens. The combination of 16.3

megapixels and F2.5 lens gives you high quality images, even in dim light.

Gesture Shot takes self- and group portraits out of your hands. Prop the camera up by using the Flip-out Display as a kickstand.

Sweep your arm clockwise to zoom in, or counter-clockwise to zoom out. Then move your hand up and down twice to release the shutter

for the perfect hands-free shot.

Whether you're in a candlelit cafe or out sightseeing at night, put your subject in the best light possible. Low Light Shot mode

automatically selects the best setting, takes three continuous shots, and then merges them all into one clear, bright image with

minimal blur or noise.


Create home movies worthy of your Full HDTV. The MV900F shoots 1920x1080 Full HD video with lifelike color and extraordinarily sharp

details. Plus, its H.264 format allows longer recording than a camera with MJPEG video does, so you can capture more of the action.

Then hook up your MV900F to your HDTV and watch your brilliant HD footage in the comfort of your living room.

The Dual Capture of the MV900F lets you snap 16-megapixel still pictures even while recording Full HD video, so you don't have to

sacrifice your scrapbook memories when you're shooting live action.

Picture-in-Picture (Still/Movie) lets you show off two images at the same time. Simply insert one picture within another, and then adjust

its size and position. You can even add a video clip to one of your still photos.


Even if you're not ready for your close-up, you can still create the perfect social network profile picture. Choose from seven different makeup

looks that help you change the color of your lipstick, eye shadow, cheek blush—even your eyes.